Month: May 2020

Keynote Speaker

Stephen Kampmeier

Profile Summary  Stephen Kampmeier is a Senior Attorney and Registered In-House Counsel at Intel Corporation. Stephen is responsible for the prosecution and enforcement of the Intel® trademark in Chin...

Keynote Speaker

Chris James

Profile Summary  Chris James is Patent Counsel, Pixel at Google. In this role, Chris manages all patent issues for the product, including portfolio development and strategy, commercial deal negotiatio...

Keynote Speaker

David E. Killough

Profile Summary David Killough is an Assistant General Counsel in the Litigation, Competition, and Compliance Group of Microsoft’s Corporate, External, and Legal Affairs department. Killough’s princip...

National Phase Entry in the USA

Trademark Filing in the USA

Trademark fees Get in touch with IIPLA today for accurate Fees associated with trademark registration in the USA Multiple-class application Multiple-class trademark applications are possible...

Design Filing in Saudi Arabia

Trademark Filing in Saudi Arabia

Trademark fees Get in touch with IIPLA today for Fees associated with Trademark applications in Saudi Arabia. Multiple-class applications As per the Saudi Trademark office, Multiple-class ap...