IIPLA – International Intellectual Property Law Association

IIPLA Global IP Summit 2015 London

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International Intellectual Property Law Association (IIPLA) organized Global IP Summit 2015 from July 29-30, 2015 in London, UK.

Worldwide IP lawyers, in-house and external IP counsel, law firm partners, legal service providers, legal outsourcing service executives, policymakers, IP service buyers, and investors in the IP world.

Sessions I, II & III witnessed discussions on the topics like Infringements & Enforcement of IP Laws, Litigation Strategies in IP, and Intellectual Property in European Region.

Other sessions covered the following issues:

  • Growth of IP law in the Last Decade
  • IP in Business and Finance
  • IP Outsourcing – A Collaborative Approach
  • Prosecution strategies in different Industries & Jurisdictions
  • IP – The Powerhouse of Tomorrow
  • NPEs – A Debate
  • Patent Wars – An overview