IP Hybrid Conference in Las Vegas

What is a HYBRID Event?

A hybrid event is defined as a gathering of people in person as well as in a virtual environment. Hybrid conference integrates on-ground physical live attendance and virtual attendees together.

A hybrid event is organized in a physical location with a virtual component attached to it. It enables attendees to attend a conference in person. The attendees who are unable to make a physical presence at the conference can attend the conference virtually.

And, discover step by step how to be successful in the intellectual property industry.

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Azam Ghani, Founder, IIPLA

IIPLA 2021 USA (Hybrid) | November 04-05, 2021

2 Days Hybrid Intellectual Property Conference

About IIPLA 2021 USA (Las Vegas)

International Intellectual Property law Association (IIPLA) is a non-governmental for-profit organization that was formed in 2014. IIPLA’s mission is to promote Intellectual Property and to discuss the issues and challenges faced by IP peers around the globe. Thus, to find the solution and to enable IP peers to network and discuss, different editions of intellectual property conferences and events are organized in the USA, Europe, and UAE.

Due to overwhelming demand and careful consultation with our team members, IIPLA is going to organize Hybrid Conference IIPLA 2021 USA in Las Vegas Nevada, USA from Thursday, November 04, 2021, to Friday, November 05, 2021.

With its Physical IP Conference IIPLA 2021 USA (Las Vegas), we will cover a number of evolving IP issues. Our Hybrid IP Conference gives opportunities for physical & online one on one Meetings, Branding, Exhibition, and Promotion at a large scale. More than 300 IP professionals from various law firms and organizations across the world will gather in Las Vegas & also on a virtual platform to discuss the latest in the IP industry, to showcase their products, services, and solutions to the IP Challenges.

Who can attend the conference


Law Firms
CEO Chairman Managing Partner
CIO / CTO / Head of IP Technology Senior Partner Practice Director
CISO Head of Information Security Head of Infrastructure
COO / Head of Operations Head of Finance Head of Business Transformation
Chief Innovation Officer Head of IT Strategy Head of Human Resources
Head of Knowledge Management Head of Business Development Head of Marketing
Head of Risk & Compliance Head of Architecture Head of Applications
Head of Administration & Support Head of Facilities Head of eDiscovery
Head of Information Systems Director of IP Services Director of IP Administration
Director of Records Management Director of Case Management Director of IP Operations
Senior Business Analyst Commercial Director Project Manager
Barristers’ Chambers
CEO Head of Chambers Chambers Director
Senior Clerk    
In-House Legal Departments
Vice President  European Counsel Heads of IP
Global Counsel Senior Counsel Director of IP Affairs