Negotiating Licensing Agreements with National Laboratories



About the Course:

This course offers a unique opportunity to learn about the nuances of negotiating licensing agreements with National Laboratories. Listeners will be privy to the goals, motivations, and requirements of National Laboratories. This insight is crucial for negotiating favorable licensing agreements with National Laboratories.

The following are among the issues discussed:

  • How various pieces of legislation – such as the Bayh-Dole Act, the Stevenson-Wydler Act, and the Energy Policy Act of 2005 – shape the negotiating positions of National Laboratories
  • Who are the parties to licensing agreements (e.g. the Federal Government, the Department of Energy, the Contractor, the Inventors) and what are their interests in licensing
  • What are evaluation licenses and when are they used
  • What do National Laboratories look for in licensees
  • How will National Laboratories negotiate indemnifications as well as representations and warranties
  • How much access – and on what terms – will licensees have with inventors
  • How do national security concerns impact licensing agreements with National Laboratories
  • What is the significance of Government Use Acknowledgments
  • What are the policies of National Laboratories with respect to issues such as sublicensing, pursuit of allegedly infringing parties, use of lab or contractor name in advertising, and dispute resolution

Course Length: Approx. 1.0 hours


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