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Overview of the Indian Patent System

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About the Course:

Don’t miss this rare opportunity to learn how the Indian patent system compares with the US and European patent systems. Key points regarding compulsory licensing, utility models, national phase entry and patent enforcement are discussed. Among the issues discussed during this webinar are:

  • How does India’s adaption of TRIPS affect patent life? Requirements to manufacture in India? Patents covering end products?
  • To what extent are pre-grant opposition and post-grant opposition allowed in India.
  • Are plant varieties patentable in India?
  • What are the Indian government’s aims with respect to compulsory licensing?
  • Under what circumstances can an Indian patent be revoked?
  • Under what circumstances can compulsory licensing be triggered for purposes of exporting?
  • What is the significance of patent-holders being required to file Form 27?
  • What are examples of non-patentable subject matter under Section 3D of the Indian Patents Act?
  • What is ever-greening and how is it covered under Indian Patent Law?
  • How long are inventions classified as Utility Models protected under Indian Law?
  • What is the required timeframe for filing for National Phase Entry?
  • What is the publication timeline for filing for National Phase Entry?
  • What are the trends concerning patent enforcement in India?
  • What are governments in India doing to spur innovation?
  • What is the average patent pendency in India?

This course also includes an explanation and example of an IP Roadmap.

Course Leader: C R Jacob, Managing Partner, IP Astra

In a career spanning 12 years, CR Jacob has donned many hats including that of a partner at Evergreen valley law group, a boutique IP firm based out of Bangalore and San Jose. In his last assignment, Mr Jacob worked as Deputy General Manager, Operations at a biotech firm. Earlier in his career he has taken the position of Research Associate at Vikram Sarabhai Space Center, ISRO funded project, working on MEMS and Optical MEMS technology as well as lectured for some time. C R holds an M. Tech degree in Sensor system technology from Vellore Institute of Technology, Tamil Nadu, India. Jacob has experience in handling patents of Fortune 500 companies and many fabless semiconductor companies. Apart from providing technical inputs and quality checks, Jacob engages in patent drafting, invalidation, prior art searches and responding to office actions at the firm.

Chris Waite, IP Astra

Chris Waite is currently completing his Bachelor of Commerce degree, with a focus on Marketing Management from the University of Guelph, In Guelph, Ontario, Canada. Chris has experience in many industries including healthcare, corporate real estate, and government services; He brings a diverse and international perspective to a company that serves global clients and appreciates the need for customized service.

Course Length: Approx. 0.75 hours