QuickLogic Participates in USMAG Alliance and Intel Foundry Accelerator IP Programs

June 20, 2024
QuickLogic Intel Foundry Services Accelerator IP Alliance

QuickLogic Corporation, a leader in low-power, multi-core voice-enabled SoCs, embedded FPGA IP, and endpoint AI solutions, has announced its participation in Intel’s Foundry Services Accelerator IP Alliance and the United States Military Advanced Generation (USMAG) Alliance Programs. This move aims to enhance QuickLogic’s capabilities and broaden its reach in the semiconductor industry.


About the Intel Foundry Services Accelerator IP Alliance

The Intel Foundry Services (IFS) Accelerator IP Alliance is designed to support the growth and development of semiconductor companies by providing them with access to Intel’s advanced manufacturing processes and IP resources. By joining this program, QuickLogic can leverage Intel’s state-of-the-art foundry capabilities to enhance its own product offerings.


Benefits of Joining the IFS Accelerator IP Alliance

  • Access to Advanced Technology: QuickLogic will gain access to Intel’s cutting-edge manufacturing technology, which can significantly improve the performance and efficiency of its semiconductor products.
  • Enhanced Product Development: The collaboration will enable QuickLogic to accelerate the development of its IP solutions, bringing innovative products to market faster.
  • Increased Competitiveness: With the support of Intel’s extensive resources and expertise, QuickLogic can strengthen its position in the competitive semiconductor market.


About the USMAG Alliance

The United States Military Advanced Generation (USMAG) Alliance focuses on developing next-generation semiconductor technologies for military applications. This alliance aims to ensure that the U.S. military has access to the most advanced and secure semiconductor technologies available.


Benefits of Joining the USMAG Alliance

  • Strategic Partnerships: QuickLogic will collaborate with leading semiconductor companies and defense organizations, fostering innovation and technological advancements in military applications.
  • Security and Reliability: Participation in the USMAG Alliance will help QuickLogic develop secure and reliable semiconductor solutions that meet the stringent requirements of military applications.
  • Market Expansion: By contributing to the development of advanced military technologies, QuickLogic can expand its presence in the defense sector.


Impact on QuickLogic

Joining these two prestigious programs marks a significant milestone for QuickLogic. The company’s enhanced access to Intel’s manufacturing capabilities and the collaborative opportunities within the USMAG Alliance are expected to drive innovation and growth.


  • Innovation Boost: QuickLogic will be better equipped to develop cutting-edge solutions, particularly in AI, voice recognition, and FPGA technologies.
  • Market Reach: These alliances will help QuickLogic penetrate new markets and strengthen its presence in existing ones, particularly in the defense and high-tech sectors.
  • Competitive Edge: With the backing of Intel’s advanced technology and the strategic partnerships formed through the USMAG Alliance, QuickLogic will be able to offer more competitive and high-performance products.


QuickLogic’s participation in the Intel Foundry Services Accelerator IP Alliance and the USMAG Alliance Programs represents a strategic move to enhance its technological capabilities and expand its market reach. These alliances will provide QuickLogic with the resources and partnerships needed to innovate and compete more effectively in the semiconductor industry. As a result, QuickLogic is poised for significant growth and success in the coming years, delivering advanced solutions to both commercial and military markets.

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