Speaker Guidelines


Biography and Photograph

  • Biography of the presenter should not be more than 150 words
  • Photograph of the presenter in High Resolution needed


Submission Deadline of Prerecording: April 15, 2021


Modes of Virtual Presentation

  • Virtual Oral Presentation should be pre-recorded and sent by Dropbox (or similar).
  • The purpose of pre-recording is to minimize the potential for technical problems caused by Internet connection issues.
  • The recording should take the form of a video file in a standard format (e.g: .wmv, .mp4).
  • Each session will have 2-3 speakers where 20 minutes is allocated to each speaker and Queries from each participant will be shared over email.            
  • We recommend that the video corresponds to your presentation slides as you would have them in a conventional presentation, with the audio track corresponding to your narration of the slides.
  • Microsoft Power-point provides a feature for recording a narrated version of your presentation as a video (see these instructions).



  • All the Panel Discussion must be exclusively in English (including the title of talk, Biography, Presenter names, and affiliations).



  • Please provide the following: Presenter’s contact details including full mailing address, office phone number, email address, and fax number.
  • Notify us of a replacement presenter before a month
  • We do not provide speaker honorariums or reimburse for expenses.
  • Please ensure that you have time to answer for Q&A so that our delegates feel heard and the event is as interactive as possible.