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Alternative Fee Arrangements in Patent Litigation

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About Course

About the Course:

Understanding Contingency Law in Patent Litigation: Insights from Steven Carlson

Meta Description: Gain valuable insights into contingency law in patent litigation with Steven Carlson, Partner at Robbins Kaplan LLP. Explore key issues discussed in this webinar, including compensation, representation challenges, and the role of litigation funders.

Introduction: Delve into the complexities of contingency law in patent litigation with Steven Carlson, a seasoned intellectual property litigator. In this webinar, Steven Carlson addresses critical questions and provides expert analysis on topics ranging from compensation structures to malpractice exposure.

Key Discussion Points: Explore the following key issues discussed during this enlightening webinar session:

  1. Compensation Structures: Understand how contingency law firms are compensated when withdrawing from cases due to client decisions.
  2. Representation Challenges: Discover why it’s challenging for patentees to find representation after parting ways with initial contingency law firms.
  3. Anticipated Damages: Assess the attractiveness of cases to contingency patent litigators, particularly in scenarios where anticipated damages arise during patent litigation.
  4. Coordination with Litigation Funders: Gain insights into the coordination efforts between contingency patent litigators and litigation funders, and the potential friction during litigation.
  5. Misalignment of Interests: Learn about the misalignment of interests arising from relying on treble damages and its implications for patentees and contingency lawyers/litigation funders.
  6. Early Damages Disclosures: Discover how early damages disclosures aid in structuring settlements effectively.
  7. Patent Drafting and Litigation: Understand the risks associated with law firms transitioning from patent drafting to patent litigation for the same patent.
  8. Malpractice Exposure: Explore the potential malpractice exposure faced by patent litigators if terminated by their clients.
  9. Selecting Contingency Representation: Gain insights into what patentees should seek when selecting contingency representation from law firms.
  10. Success Fees and Sequential Infringers: Understand how success fees may change when patent litigators generate damages from sequential infringers.
  11. Invalidity Challenges and Continuation Applications: Learn how invalidity challenges and continuation patent applications are addressed within contingency fee arrangements.

Course Details:

  • Duration: Approximately 1.5 hours
  • Course Leader: Steven Carlson, Partner at Robbins Kaplan LLP

About Steven Carlson: Steven C. Carlson is a distinguished intellectual property litigator with extensive experience in patent litigation, trade secrets, and copyright disputes. With a strong background in technology, he collaborates closely with technology companies to safeguard their interests. Mr. Carlson’s expertise spans various industries, including medical devices, semiconductors, genomics, and telecommunications.

Conclusion: Gain valuable insights into the intricate aspects of contingency law in patent litigation with Steven Carlson. This webinar offers a comprehensive understanding of compensation structures, representation challenges, and the role of litigation funders in patent litigation.


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