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Legal Issues for Employee Inventors

About the Course: Inventors do not have the luxury of becoming engrossed in their research to the exclusion of their legal obligations. Employers rely on their researchers to honestly report who are t...

Intellectual Property Valuation Approaches and Methods

About the Course: Through highly detailed case studies and elaborate models, this session demonstrates the application of the following valuation methods: Cost Method: C ase Study – Computer Sof...

US Design Patent Application

<div class="wpb_text_column wpb_content_element wpb_animate_when_almost_visible wpb_fadeInRight fadeInRight wpb_start_animation animated"> <div class="wpb_wrapper"> <h2>Protect the appearance of you...

Retaining Patent Brokers

About the Course: This webinar presents unique insights into negotiating retainer agreements with patent brokers and provides a keen overview of the patent brokerage process. Learn key questions to as...

IP Knowledge

The IP Knowledge section of IIPLA Resources will put together the Intellectual Property (IP) knowledge people are seeking for a particular country.

IIPLA® Services Network

IIPLA® Services Network aims to provide with the best in class cost-effective global IP Services to worldwide small & medium organizations.