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Negotiating IP Licensing Agreements in Israel

About the Course: Much of the world’s most compelling technologies originate in Israel. According to recent statistics, Israel has 69% more patents per capita than the G-20 nations. Israelis hav...

Corporate Patent Acquisitions

About the Course: If you want to sell your patents to an operating company, you really need to listen to this webinar. This session illuminates an opaque realm of patent monetization. The speaker disc...

Conducting Patent Analysis with Pantros IP

About the Course: This webinar provides a step-by-step approach to conducing patent searches. Options for conducing specific patent searches with Pantros IP include: Semantic search Guided search Adva...

The Trademarks and Diversity Interactive

This virtual round table/workshop hybrid will focus on strategies for engaging in diversity in leadership for Intellectual property lawyer representatives in your company by facilitating candid conver...

IP Knowledge

The IP Knowledge section of IIPLA Resources will put together the Intellectual Property (IP) knowledge people are seeking for a particular country.

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IIPLA® Services Network aims to provide with the best in class cost-effective global IP Services to worldwide small & medium organizations.