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Managing IP Rights in Government Contracts

About the Course: Managing IP becomes much more complicated when contracting with the government. Patent holders must be aware of everything from sovereign immunity issues to reporting requirements; f...

Valuing Biotechnology Patents and Companies

About the Course: This session provides profound insights into deciphering the Food and Drug Administration’s biotech approval process. Robert LeBoyer — a leading biotech analyst with near...

Patent Family Analysis

About the Course: Patent progeny can often be more valuable than their parents. For instance, continuation patents provide the holder of the parent patent the ability to amend and broaden the claimed ...

Negotiating Improvement Rights and Joint Inventions

About the Course: Negotiating improvement rights and joint invention agreements can be among the most vexatious aspects of structuring licensing agreements. On the one hand, licensees want to ensure t...

IP Knowledge

The IP Knowledge section of IIPLA Resources will put together the Intellectual Property (IP) knowledge people are seeking for a particular country.

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IIPLA® Services Network aims to provide with the best in class cost-effective global IP Services to worldwide small & medium organizations.