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Conducting Free Patent Searches

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About Course

About the Course:

Unlocking Patent Value: Mastering Patent Searches

Understanding the intricacies of patent searches empowers you to accurately assess patent value. In this session, learn step-by-step techniques for conducting comprehensive patent searches across US, European, Canadian, Australian, and Chinese patents using freely available online tools. Gain valuable insights into analyzing patent families, deciphering prosecution history, evaluating patent enforceability, and identifying prior art.

Key Issues Explored:

  1. Assessing Patent Families:
    • Reviewing the strength and scope of patent families to gauge their value and potential.
  2. Detecting Fraudulent Declarations:
    • Identifying potential fraud in entity status declarations to ensure patent validity.
  3. Identifying Self-Created Prior Art:
    • Discovering instances of self-created prior art that may impact patent validity.
  4. Evaluating Drafting Processes:
    • Assessing inventors’ unconscious biases during patent drafting to uncover potential weaknesses.
  5. Importance of Examiner Citations:
    • Weighing the significance of examiner citations in determining patent strength.
  6. Enforceability and Abandonment:
    • Identifying enforceable patents and abandoned ones based on maintenance fee payments.
  7. Analyzing Patent Prosecution History:
    • Delving into patent prosecution history to evaluate the thoroughness of examination.
  8. Disguised Patent Ownership:
    • Uncovering attempts to disguise patent ownership to understand the true patent landscape.
  9. Significance of Classification Sources:
    • Understanding which classification sources provide the most relevant information for patent analysis.
  10. Forward Citation Analysis:
    • Where to find forward citation analysis tools for free to gauge patent influence and impact.
  11. Company Patent Breakdown:
    • Easily accessing a company’s patent breakdown by classifications for strategic insights.
  12. Identifying Prolific Inventors:
    • Effortlessly determining a company’s most prolific inventors to understand innovation trends.

Course Leader: Janal M. Kalis, Shareholder, Schwegman, Lundberg & Woessner, P.A.

Janal M. Kalis is a registered patent attorney specializing in chemical engineering and patent law. With a background in biochemistry and chemical engineering, Janal brings extensive experience in drafting and prosecuting patents for various industries worldwide. Her expertise spans technology licensing, intellectual property portfolio development, and contract negotiation.

Course Length: Approx. 1.0 hour

Gain expert insights into patent searches and maximize the value of your intellectual property with guidance from Janal M. Kalis. Register now to enhance your patent evaluation skills!

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