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Negotiating Improvement Rights and Joint Inventions

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About Course

About the Course:

Negotiating Improvement Rights and Joint Invention Agreements: Expert Insights

Negotiating improvement rights and joint invention agreements can be complex but essential aspects of structuring licensing agreements. Licensees and licensors often face challenges in balancing their interests, seeking to protect investments while ensuring fair terms. This session, led by industry expert Larry Schroepfer, Founder & Principal of LS Technology Law Associates, delves into strategies to mitigate tension and foster mutually beneficial agreements.

Key Topics Covered Include:

  • Crafting Definitions: Exploring strategies for defining improvements and negotiating associated aspects.
  • Reciprocal Improvement Rights: Assessing the benefits of reciprocal improvement rights for both parties.
  • Sublicensing Considerations: Determining when licensees may sublicense licensor improvements.
  • Best Practices Pools: Establishing collaborative pools of best practices shared among licensors, licensees, and industry stakeholders.
  • Options on Improvements: Understanding the role of granting and receiving options on improvements.
  • Managing Improvement Rights: Strategies for managing improvement rights upon termination of license agreements.
  • Joint Invention Dynamics: Defining inventorship and allocating responsibilities for patenting and enforcing joint IP.
  • Trade Secret Considerations: Exploring the merits of maintaining inventions as trade secrets in the context of joint agreements.

About the Course Leader: Larry Schroepfer brings over thirty years of corporate and commercial experience, specializing in technology and intellectual property transactions. As the Founder & Principal of LS Technology Law Associates, Larry has represented numerous companies, universities, and research institutions in complex licensing and technology transfer negotiations. With a background encompassing roles at leading organizations such as InterDigital Communications and BTG International, Larry offers invaluable insights into navigating the intricacies of licensing agreements.

Course Details:

  • Course Leader: Larry Schroepfer, Founder & Principal of LS Technology Law Associates
  • Duration: Approx. 1.0 hour

Conclusion: Gain invaluable insights into negotiating improvement rights and joint invention agreements from industry expert Larry Schroepfer. Join us for this informative session to optimize your approach to licensing agreements and protect your intellectual property effectively.

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