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Patent Anatomy and Hygiene

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About Course

About the Course:

Unlocking Patent Anatomy: A Comprehensive Guide to Understanding Patent Information

Meta Description: Gain invaluable insights into patent anatomy with this comprehensive course led by expert Paul Rossler. Learn to dissect patents effectively, understand key components, and navigate potential pitfalls. Enroll now for a thorough primer on patent analysis!


You can’t underestimate the value of understanding patents. Dive deep into the anatomy of patents with our exclusive course led by Paul Rossler, an esteemed expert in intellectual property law. In this comprehensive webinar, Rossler meticulously dissects patents, providing invaluable insights into their structure and significance.

Key Components of Patent Anatomy Explored:

  • Abstract: Grasp the essence of the invention through concise summaries.
  • Attorney’s Name: Understand the legal representation associated with the patent.
  • Claims Counts: Learn to assess the breadth and depth of patent protection.
  • Class Codes: Decode the categorization of patents for efficient search and analysis.
  • Date of Issuance: Recognize the timeline of patent protection.
  • Drawings and Drawing Counts: Visualize the invention through detailed illustrations.
  • Examiner’s Name: Recognize the authority responsible for evaluating patent applications.
  • Inventors’ Names and Places of Residency: Acknowledge the creators and their origins.
  • Patent Term Adjustments: Understand variations in patent lifespan.
  • Patent Number: Identify patents uniquely within the system.
  • Preferred Embodiments: Explore variations and potential applications of the invention.
  • Prior Art References: Contextualize the innovation within existing knowledge.
  • Specifications: Delve into technical details and requirements.
  • Title of Invention: Capture the essence of the innovation through its title.

Key Issues Discussed:

  • Clarifying patent numbering conventions and associated meanings.
  • Evaluating the accuracy of patent drawings in reflecting claims.
  • Understanding terminology and conventions used in patent claims.
  • Identifying risks associated with double patenting and claim scope.
  • Recognizing essential elements and structures within patent claims.
  • Analyzing infringement potential through comprehensive claims analysis.
  • Conducting device audits against patent claim requirements.

Course Leader: Paul Rossler

Paul Rossler, a distinguished shareholder at GableGotwals, brings extensive experience in intellectual property law and engineering. With a background in teaching engineering law and management, Rossler offers unparalleled expertise in guiding patent analysis and strategy development.

Course Length: Approximately 2.0 hours

Enroll Now to Master Patent Analysis and Enhance Your Intellectual Property Strategy!

Unlock the secrets of patent anatomy with Paul Rossler’s expert guidance. Gain the knowledge and skills to navigate patent complexities effectively and safeguard your intellectual property rights. Don’t miss out on this invaluable opportunity—enroll today!

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