Month: September 2022

Difference between IPR and Patent

Find Out More About The Difference Between IPR And Patents.

What is the difference between IPR and patents? Every first-time inventor thinks this at some point. By completing or registering for the appropriate Intellectual Property Rights, you, as the creator,...

Copyright Infringement

What is copyright infringement? You need to know everything

Definition of Copyright Infringement: Copyright infringement happens when one of the special rights of copyright is utilized without the owner’s permission. Primary and secondary infringement co...

PCT Filing procedure in India

Learn More About PCT Filing Procedure In India

Before knowing the PCT filing procedure in India, first, understand the meaning of a patent. A patent is a type of intellectual property that the government grants for a novel, non-obvious innovation ...

What is intellectual property?

What Is Intellectual Property, and What Are Some Types?

What Is Intellectual Property? The term “intellectual property” refers to the collection of resources and capabilities that a business or individual holds and is perfectly allowed to prote...

can you copyright a design?

Can You Copyright A Design?

Can you copyright a design? Read this article carefully. According to the U.S. Copyright Office, copyright protects original works, including “literary, dramatic, musical, artistic, and certain ...

PCT Filing Timeline

What You Should Know About The PCT Filing Timeline?

The PCT filing timeline refers to the Patent Cooperation Treaty, a global agreement with more than 150 contracting states. The PCT filing timeline refers to the Patent Cooperation Treaty, a global agr...