IIPLA – International Intellectual Property Law Association

Month: August 2023

ASTRA Protocol Blockchain Technology

ASTRA Protocol Utilizes Blockchain to Reinforce Intellectual Property Rights Protection

The marriage of blockchain and IP rights protection addresses some of the most pressing concerns faced in the modern digital landscape. The ease of digital reproduction and distribution poses signific...

Interdigital $IDCC

Interdigital ($IDCC) Allocates $551 219 for Lobbying Efforts Covering Chinese IP Issues Tax Policy and More

At the crux of this development lies Interdigital’s strategic approach to navigating the complex landscape of IP and taxation. The company’s choice to allocate substantial resources toward...

Amici En Banc Challenge

Amici Voices in En Banc Challenge at CAFC Against Rosen-Durling Framework for Design Patent Obviousness

The en banc challenge signifies the intensity of the debate surrounding the Rosen-Durling framework. En banc proceedings involve a larger panel of judges, reflecting the significance and complexity of...

Hormel bacon invention patent

Appeal to Justices: Urgent Call for Review of Hormel Bacon Invention Patent

The urge for justices to weigh in signifies the recognition of the patent’s importance and its potential impact on both the bacon industry and intellectual property law itself. This appeal highl...

Google Animation Tech Patent

Revival of Google’s Animation Tech Patent Application by Tribunal Marks Significant IP Development

The tribunal’s role in this narrative holds paramount significance. Tribunals are often responsible for reviewing and reevaluating patent-related decisions, and their involvement can lead to the...

Ruxolitinib Derivatives

Unlocking the Patent Puzzle: Ruxolitinib Derivatives Fate in the Spotlight

The decision serves as a significant contribution to the ongoing discourse on patent law and its intersection with pharmaceutical innovation. The Federal Circuit’s application of the lead compou...

Matrox and STAGETEC Collaboration at IBC2023

Matrox and STAGETEC Collaborate to Demonstrate Streamlined IP Signal Management at IBC2023

The upcoming demonstration at IBC2023 holds immense promise for industry professionals seeking efficient and advanced methods to manage IP signals seamlessly. The event serves as a platform to showcas...

UK Publishers Rishi Sunak

UK Publishers Appeal to Rishi Sunak for Protection of Intellectual Property Rights in the Age of AI

UK publishers have come together to address the potential challenges posed by AI’s impact on intellectual property. Their appeal to Rishi Sunak underscores the need for legislative and regulator...

Former Attorney Judge Challenges Apple's Bid

Former Attorney Now a Judge Challenges Apple’s Bid for Intellectual Property Sanctions

At the heart of the matter lies Apple’s pursuit of sanctions in connection with intellectual property concerns. These concerns may encompass a spectrum of issues, including patent disputes, trad...