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Patent Filing in India

Trademark Filing in India

Trademark fees For accurate fees in India, contact IIPLA today.  Multiple class applications In India, Multiple class trademark applications are possible. Filing requirements in India I...

Patent Filing in India

What are the guidelines for Patent documenting in India

Guidelines for patent documenting New guidelines for patent documenting are present in India who has made the application procedure extensively. For example, deferring the prerequisite for recording f...

Patent Filing in India

Design Patent in India

Design fees For accurate fees in India, contact IIPLA today Multiple design applications An Indian design patent application should contain a single design and refer to only one class. Langu...

Patent Filing in India

National Phase Entry in India

Patent fees For accurate fee in India contact IIPLA today.   Deadline for the PCT national phase entry in India The Indian national phase entry deadline is 31 months from the priority d...