What is a Design Patent Application?

A Design Patent Application is a legal filing made with a patent office to seek protection for the ornamental design of a functional item. Unlike utility patents, which protect the functional aspects of an invention, design patents safeguard the visual appearance or aesthetic features of a product.

Why Design Patent Applications are Essential:

Visual Protection

Design patents protect the unique appearance or aesthetic features of a product, including its shape, configuration, surface ornamentation, and decorative elements.

Market Exclusivity

Design patents grant inventors exclusive rights to their designs, preventing others from making, using, or selling products that infringe upon the protected design.

Brand Identity

Design patents can enhance a company's brand identity by safeguarding its distinctive product designs, fostering brand recognition and customer loyalty.

Revenue Generation

Design patents can be valuable assets that generate revenue through licensing, royalties, or sales of patented products.

Key Components of a Design Patent Application:


A detailed description of the design, including its visual characteristics, features, and ornamental elements. The specification provides context and clarity for the design depicted in the drawings.


Detailed illustrations or photographs that visually depict the design from multiple angles. Drawings are essential for conveying the visual aspects of the design and understanding its ornamental features.


A concise statement that defines the scope of protection sought for the design. Design patent claims typically describe the ornamental aspects of the design in clear and specific terms.

Filing Fee

A fee paid to the patent office to submit the design patent application. The filing fee may vary depending on factors such as the jurisdiction and entity status (e.g., individual, small entity, large entity).

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