What is a Provisional Patent Application?

A Provisional Patent Application is a temporary patent application filed with a patent office to establish an early filing date for an invention. It provides inventors with a “patent pending” status and allows them to secure priority for their invention while they further develop and refine their ideas.

Procedures for National Phase Entry:

Key Components of a Non-Provisional Patent Application:

Priority Date

Filing a provisional application establishes an official filing date for the invention, establishing priority over later-filed applications for the same invention.

Patent Pending Status

Provisional applications provide inventors with a "patent pending" status, signaling to potential investors, partners, and competitors that the invention is in the process of being patented.

Extended Development Time

Inventors can use the 12-month period provided by provisional applications to further develop and refine their inventions before filing a non-provisional application


Provisional applications typically have lower filing fees and require less formalities compared to non-provisional applications, making them a cost-effective option for early-stage inventors.

Key Components of a Provisional Patent Application:


A brief description of the invention, including its technical aspects, functionality, and innovative features. The specification provides sufficient detail to support the invention's claims.


Illustrations or diagrams that accompany the written description to provide visual representation of the invention. Drawings help clarify complex technical aspects and aid in understanding the invention's structure and operation.

Filing Fee

A fee paid to the patent office to submit the provisional patent application. The filing fee may vary depending on factors such as the jurisdiction and entity status (e.g., individual, small entity, large entity).

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