AIMS Calls for Presentations for Media-Over-IP Pavilion at AES New York

May 30, 2024
AIMS Media-Over-IP Pavilion

The Alliance for IP Media Solutions (AIMS) has announced an open call for presentations for the Media-Over-IP Pavilion at the upcoming AES New York 2024 conference. This pavilion, a key feature of the Audio Engineering Society (AES) convention, focuses on the latest advancements and applications of IP in media production and distribution.


Open Call for Innovative Presentations

AIMS is seeking innovative and insightful presentations from industry professionals, technologists, and thought leaders. The presentations should explore the use of IP technology in media, including topics like IP-based workflows, interoperability, and case studies of successful IP deployments. This call for presentations is an opportunity for experts to share their knowledge and experiences with a diverse audience of audio and media professionals.


Focus on IP Technology in Media

The Media-Over-IP Pavilion is dedicated to showcasing how IP technology is transforming the media industry. Presentations should address practical applications, technological advancements, and future trends in media-over-IP. AIMS encourages submissions that provide real-world insights and technical depth, helping attendees understand the benefits and challenges of implementing IP-based systems.


Submission Guidelines and Deadlines

Interested presenters must submit their proposals by the specified deadline. Proposals should include a detailed abstract, a brief bio of the presenter, and an outline of the intended presentation. AIMS will review all submissions and select those that offer the most value and relevance to the audience. This rigorous selection process ensures high-quality content that aligns with the pavilion’s educational goals.


Benefits for Presenters

Presenting at the Media-Over-IP Pavilion offers several benefits. It provides a platform to reach a targeted audience of industry professionals and decision-makers. Presenters can showcase their expertise, gain recognition in the field, and contribute to the advancement of IP media technologies. Additionally, the AES New York conference is a premier event, attracting thousands of attendees from around the world, providing significant exposure for presenters and their organizations.

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