Alex Butler

Profile Summary 

Alexander R. Butler is a vice president and general manager at Bloomberg BNA and the Bloomberg Law platform – the trusted legal and regulatory platform and source of professional grade information for practitioners, finance, and business executives.

At Bloomberg BNA, Mr. Butler serves on the legal division’s executive team supporting Bloomberg Law and the Bloomberg terminal, all-in-one technology platforms that help professionals and their firms grow their top-line revenue, provide world-class counsel by getting the right answer fast and efficiently, and maintain and increase their profitability. Mr. Butler’s Corporate, Tech & IP business unit includes a team of highly-experienced journalists, legal editors, and data scientists who focus upon multiple areas of practice that drive the economy, including capital markets, securities, corporate governance and compliance, emerging technologies, transactions, and privacy amongst others.

Mr. Butler’s experience includes senior executive positions in early and growth-stage businesses with responsibilities for operations, sales, marketing and strategy in the USA, Europe, Latin America and Asia at firms such as Information Holdings and Thomson Reuters. He is a passionate strategist and operator, recognized for his ability to synthesize complex legal, financial and technical perspectives into actionable insights and programs. He has also been recognized as one of the world’s top 300 intellectual property strategists by IAM Magazine and peer-review for many years.

Mr. Butler’s academic background includes a BA in international service from the American University in Washington DC and an MBA (system design focus) from Villanova University. He is active in multiple professional organizations and frequently presents to the executive, academic, and professional audiences on corporate and innovation strategies, technology commercialization, mergers and acquisitions, capital investment decisions, diversity initiatives to drive corporate performance, and portfolio-based business management.

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