Alfred Kwok

• Advisor, Asia Innovation & IP Society
• Co-founder & Vice Chairman, Asia Pacific Cloud Apps Alliance
• Co-founder, Hong Kong Industry-University-Research Collaboration Association
• Founding President, CASPA (Chinese American Semi. Prof. Assoc.) PRD Chapter
• CIPO & VP, NetLogic Microsystems Inc.

Mr. Kwok has been working in the semiconductor industry in Silicon Valley since 1979, with extensive trend-setting and start-up (among which being the founding team-member of the last 3 companies) experiences at IDT, Quality Semiconductor Inc., PMC-Flash and NetLogic Microsystems Inc. – 3 IPO’s & 1 M&A, covering business developments, then cutting-edge technology developments and applications, IP portfolio developments and licensing, manufacturing operations, as well as product developments and product engineering.

He played a significant role bringing 2 foundation-disruptive technologies mainstream (>90% global market share), laying the foundation for the Information Technology Era: CMOS addressing Hardware platform for Moore’s Law scalability at Integrated Device Technology, Inc. as its “Yield Guru” and Network Search Engine/Knowledge-Based Processor addressing Network Real-time Interactive “QoS” platform for Metcalfe’s Law scalability at NetLogic Microsystems, Inc. as its “Chief IP Officer” and “Product Yield Champion”.

His “IP” experiences covered in 1989 at Quality Semiconductor Inc. with tech transfers to Japanese strategic partners, then extended to technology licensing to top-tier companies at Programmable Microelectronics Corp. from 1996 to 1998. The highlight of his IP experiences was being the Founding CIPO at NetLogic Microsystems Inc. (NMI) to conceive and establish the IP portfolio development strategy and blueprint making NMI, though an SME, a dominating IP powerhouse in Silicon Valley (recognized by IEEE in 2006) – IPO in 2004 for ~US$250M & M&A in 2011 by BRCM for US$3.7B.

He returned to Hong Kong/PRD in 2002 and has been promoting application/modern service platform developments and Innovation/IP management in China. Mr. Kwok was the co-editor of “Handbook of Best Practices In Intellectual Property Management” in Chinese. He served on the HKSAR IP Working Group from 2013 to 2015.

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