CAST reveales New IP Core for Blazing-Fast Lossless Data Decompression

June 4, 2024
LZ4 decompression IP core

CAST (Semiconductor intellectual property provider) has announced a breakthrough in data decompression technology with the launch of its new LZ4SNP-D LZ4/Snappy Data Decompressor IP Core. This innovative hardware component promises to significantly enhance data processing speeds within various applications, particularly in networking, storage, and other System-on-Chip (SoC) designs.

What is Lossless Data Decompression and Why Does it Matter?

Data plays a vital role in today’s digital world. As the volume of data we generate continues to explode, the need for efficient storage and transmission becomes paramount. Lossless data compression techniques offer a solution by shrinking the size of data files without sacrificing any information. This allows for faster data transfer, reduced storage requirements, and improved overall system performance.

Traditional data decompression relies on the processing power of the Central Processing Unit (CPU). However, CPU-based decompression can become a bottleneck, especially when dealing with high-speed data streams. This is where hardware-based decompression cores like the LZ4SNP-D come into play.

LZ4SNP-D: Decompressing Data at High Speeds

The LZ4SNP-D IP Core is a custom hardware implementation designed specifically for decompressing data compressed using the LZ4 and Snappy algorithms. These algorithms are popular choices due to their efficiency and speed. The core boasts several key features:

  • High throughput: The LZ4SNP-D can process data at exceptionally fast speeds, exceeding 100Gbps when multiple cores are used. This translates to significant performance improvements in data-intensive applications.
  • Low latency: The core operates with minimal processing delay, ensuring smooth and responsive data handling.
  • Standalone operation: The core functions independently, offloading the decompression task from the CPU, freeing up valuable processing power for other critical functions.
  • Automatic format detection: The core can automatically identify whether the incoming data is compressed in LZ4 or Snappy format, eliminating the need for pre-processing.
  • Error handling and correction: The core includes built-in error detection and optional Error Correction Codes (ECC) support to ensure data integrity.
  • Easy integration: The core seamlessly integrates into SoCs using industry-standard AMBA® AXI4-Stream interface options.


Benefits for Designers and End Users

The LZ4SNP-D IP Core offers a compelling solution for designers of SoCs used in various applications. Here are some key benefits:

  • Reduced power consumption: By offloading decompression from the CPU, the core can help lower overall system power consumption.
  • Increased data storage capacity: Faster decompression allows for storing more data within the same storage space.
  • Enhanced communication bandwidth: High-speed decompression enables faster data transfer rates across networks.
  • Improved system performance: Reduced processing burden on the CPU translates to smoother overall system operation.


For end users, the benefits translate into faster data processing, improved application responsiveness, and potentially lower storage costs.

Tony Sousek, engineering director for CAST, stated: This new decompression core makes it easy and efficient to significantly increase communication bandwidth and data storage capacities while also shrinking memory power consumption. With it, designers can now build tremendously fast data decompression right into their networking, storage, and other SoCs, enhancing a wide range of applications.

The arrival of the LZ4SNP-D IP Core signifies a significant advancement in hardware-based data decompression technology. With its exceptional speed, efficiency, and ease of use, this innovation has the potential to revolutionize data processing across various industries.

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