As Counsel with IBM Federal, I work with business clients to successfully obtain, manage, and close-out complex government contracts. Specifically, I negotiate the trickier parts of prime contract and subcontracts agreements, as well as providing guidance to the business team on the requirements for compliance with FAR provisions. Additionally, I helped craft and implement our contracts for emerging areas, such as cloud and cognitive computing, as well as contracts for advanced analytics platforms and cybersecurity products. Further, I am leading IBM’s GDPR compliance effort for our U.S. Federal contracts. Finally, I have led our negotiations for numerous cloud engagements within Federal and have gained expertise in deploying blockchain.

Prior to coming to IBM, I was a trial attorney at the Department of Justice. As a trial attorney with the National Courts Section, I was the primary attorney on dozens of cases. I developed an expertise in bid protest jurisdiction, along with Fifth Amendment jurisprudence. Although my primary responsibility was Government contracts, I also handled appeals, and matters involving international trade.

I argued before the Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit on numerous appeals, including one that determined the fate of bid protest jurisdiction in the Court of Federal Claims. I successfully argued numerous motions to dismiss against represented parties, and succeeded in obtaining the dismissal of a class action. I was also the attorney responsible for obtaining the favorable disposition in Doe v United States, in which the Court of Federal Claims held that Judah and Nitol (the Trust Island cases) had been implicitly overturned.

I also successfully prepared a case for trial, conducted and defended numerous lay and expert depositions, and concluded a favorable settlement. Included in this preparation was preparing witnesses for deposition and trial, and negotiating with opposing counsel. 

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