DAICY Software Secures Global Intellectual Property Rights for VPG and PreSys

January 15, 2024
DAICY Software

In a significant move, DAICY Software has achieved a major milestone by successfully acquiring the global intellectual property rights for VPG and PreSys. This strategic acquisition positions DAICY Software as a key player in the technology domain, signaling a promising era for the company’s growth and innovation.


Acquisition Details: DAICY Software’s latest accomplishment involves obtaining the intellectual property rights for VPG (Virtual Product Generator) and PreSys. This move expands the company’s portfolio, allowing it to harness the innovative technologies developed by VPG and PreSys for its future endeavors.


What is VPG (Virtual Product Generator)? VPG, short for Virtual Product Generator, is a cutting-edge technology that enables the creation and simulation of virtual prototypes. This tool proves invaluable in product development, allowing engineers and designers to visualize and analyze products before physical prototypes are even built. The acquisition of VPG’s intellectual property rights equips DAICY Software with advanced capabilities for efficient and effective virtual product design.


PreSys – A Technological Asset: PreSys, another significant component of this acquisition, is a technological asset that specializes in pre-processing software for finite element analysis. This software plays a crucial role in simulating and analyzing how materials respond under various conditions, aiding engineers in optimizing designs for better performance and durability. DAICY Software’s acquisition of PreSys’ intellectual property rights positions the company as a frontrunner in the realm of simulation and analysis tools.


 DAICY’s Growth Strategy: DAICY Software’s strategic move to secure global intellectual property rights aligns with its broader growth strategy. By integrating the technologies developed by VPG and PreSys, DAICY aims to enhance its software offerings, providing clients with cutting-edge solutions for virtual product design and finite element analysis.


 Potential Impacts on Industries: This acquisition holds promising implications for various industries relying on advanced software solutions. DAICY’s strengthened portfolio, backed by VPG and PreSys technologies, is poised to empower sectors such as manufacturing, engineering, and product development by offering state-of-the-art tools for streamlined and efficient processes.


DAICY Software’s successful acquisition of the global intellectual property rights for VPG and PreSys marks a pivotal moment in the company’s journey. As it integrates these advanced technologies into its offerings, DAICY positions itself as a leader in providing innovative solutions for virtual product design and finite element analysis, setting the stage for continued growth and technological advancement.

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