Design Patent Filing in Sri Lanka

Design fees

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The term for Industrial Design Patent filing in Sri Lanka

In Sri Lanka, the design patent application should be filed within six months from the priority date. The restoration of this term is impossible.

Minimum of filing documents in Sri Lanka

– a declaration by the applicant that the design patent is new to the best of his knowledge.

– an indication of products for which the design patent is to be used.

– the filing fee.

– a request to register an industrial design

– applicant’s details

– drawings of the design

Multiple design application

In Sri Lanka, multiple design applications are not possible.

Validity term

In Sri Lanka, the validity term of design patent protection is 15 years.

Power of Attorney requirements

In Sri Lanka, simply signed and stamped POA must be provided within 90 days from filing the design patent application.

Assignment Deed

The applicant has to provide a document to justify the rights to obtain registration if the applicant is not the designer.

Priority document

In Sri Lanka, the certified copy of the priority document must be submitted within 90 days from the filing date.

Examination of a design application in Sri Lanka

In Sri Lanka, the design patent is issued based on the results of the formal and substantive examination.

Grace period

In Sri Lanka, there is no provision regarding the novelty grace period for design applications.

Grant and patent maintenance

In Sri Lanka, the official grant fee is not stipulated. For the obtainment of the total term of protection, the design patent shall be renewed every 5 years before 6 months from the expiration of a five-year term. Late payment may be effected within a grace period of 6 months alongside a corresponding surcharge.

Representation by a patent attorney

In Sri Lanka, for foreign applicants, it is necessary to perform design patent prosecution through an agent, a registered trademark attorney.

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