European Commission and EU Intellectual Property Office Collaborate to Strengthen Intellectual Property Rights in Ukraine, Moldova, and Georgia

December 13, 2023
EU Intellectual Property Office

In a significant move to bolster intellectual property rights in Eastern Europe, the European Commission (EC) has joined forces with the European Union Intellectual Property Office (EUIPO) to implement comprehensive initiatives in Ukraine, Moldova, and Georgia. This collaborative effort aims to enhance the protection and enforcement of intellectual property, fostering innovation and economic development in the region.

Partnership Overview: The partnership between the European Commission and the EUIPO underscores the commitment to promoting a robust intellectual property framework in the target countries. By pooling resources and expertise, the two entities seek to address challenges related to counterfeiting, piracy, and the overall protection of intellectual creations.

Initiatives in Ukraine: Under this collaborative effort, a series of initiatives are set to be rolled out in Ukraine. This includes the development of specialized training programs for law enforcement officials and legal professionals to strengthen their capacity in handling intellectual property cases. Additionally, awareness campaigns will be launched to educate businesses and the general public about the importance of intellectual property rights and the consequences of infringement.

Moldova’s Intellectual Property Landscape: Moldova, another key focus of this collaboration, will benefit from targeted efforts to improve its intellectual property landscape. The partnership aims to streamline the legal framework, making it more effective in safeguarding intellectual creations. Workshops and seminars will be organized to facilitate knowledge exchange and capacity building among relevant stakeholders.

Georgia’s Innovation Ecosystem: In Georgia, the collaborative venture will concentrate on fostering an innovation-friendly ecosystem. The EC and EUIPO will support the country in developing policies that incentivize research and development while ensuring a strong foundation for intellectual property protection. This strategic approach aims to position Georgia as a hub for innovation and technological advancement.

Capacity Building and Training: A cornerstone of the collaborative efforts is the emphasis on capacity building and training programs. By empowering local authorities, legal professionals, and businesses with the necessary skills and knowledge, the initiative seeks to create a more resilient intellectual property environment, ultimately contributing to economic growth in the target countries.

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