Ford Seeks Patent for Roof-Mounted EV Backup Battery System

June 9, 2023

Automaker aims to enhance electric vehicle capabilities with an innovative roof-mounted battery concept.

Ford, a leading automotive manufacturer, has recently filed a patent application for a roof-mounted backup battery system designed for electric vehicles (EVs). This groundbreaking concept aims to further enhance the functionality and range of EVs, providing an innovative solution to address concerns related to battery power and charging infrastructure.

The patent application outlines Ford’s vision for a roof-mounted EV backup battery system, which would serve as an auxiliary power source to supplement the primary onboard battery. By utilizing the otherwise underutilized space on the vehicle’s roof, the system aims to provide additional electrical energy to extend the driving range or power auxiliary systems.

According to the patent application, the roof-mounted backup battery would be seamlessly integrated into the vehicle’s design, ensuring aerodynamic efficiency and minimizing any adverse impact on the overall aesthetics. The battery system would also feature advanced technology to enable efficient energy transfer and management between the primary battery and the roof-mounted backup battery.

The potential benefits of such a system are significant. In addition to extending the driving range, the roof-mounted backup battery could prove particularly useful in emergency situations or instances where the primary battery is depleted, providing a temporary power source to continue the journey or reach the nearest charging station.

While the patent application showcases Ford’s commitment to innovation in the EV space, it is essential to note that the filing of a patent does not guarantee the immediate development or implementation of the concept. Automakers routinely file patents to protect their intellectual property and explore potential avenues for future technologies.

Ford’s exploration of a roof-mounted backup battery system reflects the industry’s ongoing efforts to enhance the convenience and practicality of electric vehicles. As EV adoption continues to grow, innovative solutions like this could help address concerns around charging infrastructure and range anxiety, ultimately boosting the appeal and usability of electric vehicles for consumers.

As the patent application makes its way through the review process, automotive enthusiasts and industry stakeholders eagerly await further updates from Ford. While the commercialization of a roof-mounted backup battery system remains uncertain, the concept represents another step forward in the pursuit of advancing electric vehicle technology and addressing the evolving needs of the market.

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