IPOPHL Expands Canada Streamlines and EUIPO Launches Hub

November 9, 2023
IP Changes in IPOPHL Canada and EUIPO

IPOPHL Expanding Mediator Roster


This initiative seeks to address the increasing demand for alternative dispute resolution mechanisms in the Philippines. By bolstering its roster of qualified mediators, IPOPHL aims to offer businesses and individuals a wider range of options for resolving intellectual property disputes outside the traditional courtroom setting.


Mediation has gained prominence as a valuable method for resolving IP disputes. It often offers quicker and less adversarial solutions compared to litigation, allowing parties to maintain better control over the outcome. With a broader and more diverse pool of skilled mediators, IPOPHL aims to further promote the use of mediation as a means of resolving intellectual property conflicts. This initiative is in line with global efforts to promote alternative dispute resolution mechanisms, fostering a more harmonious IP landscape.

Canada’s Trademark Opposition Changes


Key elements of the changes include shortening the timeframe for filing a statement of opposition and eliminating the filing of counterstatements. These adjustments are designed to expedite the opposition process, reduce administrative burdens, and enhance the overall efficiency of trademark registration in Canada.


The changes align with international best practices and represent a positive shift toward a more straightforward and accessible trademark registration system. By reducing complexities and streamlining procedures, Canada aims to encourage businesses to protect their intellectual property more effectively, thus fostering innovation and economic growth.


EUIPO Launches Geographical Indications Hub


This hub is designed to serve as a central resource for all things related to GIs within the European Union. GIs are essential in protecting products with a strong connection to their geographical origin, as they ensure that only products produced in a specific region and according to certain standards can carry that region’s name.


The EUIPO’s GI hub provides a wealth of information on GIs, including details about registered GIs, their specifications, and relevant regulations. It serves as a valuable tool for producers, consumers, and anyone interested in GIs, offering transparency and accessibility to this crucial aspect of intellectual property protection.

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