InterDigital Appoints Mang Zhu to Lead IP Innovation and Strategy

November 3, 2023
InterDigital appoints Mang Zhu as Head of IP Division

The company is known for its contributions to industry standards and has a vast portfolio of patents covering a wide range of wireless technologies, from 2G to 5G and beyond. As the head of the IP division, Mang Zhu is entrusted with the responsibility of maintaining and expanding InterDigital’s IP leadership.


One of the key responsibilities of InterDigital’s IP division is to continue driving innovation in wireless technologies. This involves not only securing patents but also actively participating in standardization processes. InterDigital has been a crucial contributor to standards-setting organizations, ensuring that its innovations become part of the global standards that underpin modern wireless communication.


Mang Zhu’s leadership is expected to further enhance InterDigital’s engagement in standards organizations and its ability to shape the future of wireless technologies. With 5G deployments gaining momentum and the anticipation of 6G on the horizon, the role of InterDigital’s IP division in driving technological advancements is more vital than ever.


Another essential aspect of InterDigital’s IP strategy is licensing and monetizing its extensive patent portfolio. The company actively engages with various players in the wireless industry, including device manufacturers and network operators, to license its patented technologies. Effective management of these licensing agreements is crucial in generating revenue and ensuring a fair return on the company’s R&D investments.


Mang Zhu’s extensive experience in IP management positions him well to oversee these licensing efforts. His leadership will be instrumental in negotiating and managing licensing agreements to maximize the value of InterDigital’s IP portfolio.


Furthermore, with the growing complexity of wireless technologies and the increasing importance of intellectual property in the tech industry, Mang Zhu’s expertise is vital in ensuring that InterDigital’s IP strategy aligns with its overall business objectives. As the company continues to expand and explore new opportunities in the ever-evolving technology landscape, having a seasoned IP leader is a strategic advantage.

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