Japanese Government’s Statement on AI and Copyright Regulation

June 6, 2023

During a seminar on AI art and copyright, the Japanese Agency for Cultural Affairs, which is part of the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science, and Technology, issued a statement outlining new guidelines for the use of artificial intelligence and its purposes.

According to the document, AI may be freely used for educational, research, and non-commercial purposes, but not for commercial or economic gain. AI-generated art that uses the work of another artist and is used for business or personal use may be considered copyright infringement, and the owner of the copyright may file a copyright infringement lawsuit.

This also applies to AI which learns or copies an artist’s style. The owner of the copyright can sue for damages or an injunction as copyright infringement without the artist’s permission, or even face criminal penalties.

In spite of the fact that it at first gave the idea that Japan planned to lay out substantially more adaptable regulation than Europe concerning the utilization of man-made consciousness, it appears to be that they have reevaluated their choices and the gamble to makers and specialists.

Source – gamereactor

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