Milena Sukovic

Ms. Sukovic was a patent prosecution attorney with over 13 years’ experience at three different intellectual property boutique firms. Ms. Sukovic utilizes her wide-ranging IP law experience, combined with a deep understanding of electrical engineering, to find new solutions to problems her clients face in protecting their inventions.

Before becoming a patent attorney, Ms. Sukovic served as a systems engineer for Motorola Inc. where she developed system requirements, test plans, managed engineering development, and wrote technical requirement specifications for a proprietary communication system.

Clients rely on Ms. Sukovic’s insights on the commercialization of the technologies, grounded in her much-published work as communications systems engineer in-house for Motorola.

Ms. Sukovic is experienced at providing expert counseling in a range of diversified technologies, including:

Cloud computing technologies
Oil refinery process plant systems
User-Interface/Display technologies
Valve controls
Computer software products
Finance systems/products/instruments
Mobile communications protocols (CDMA/TDMA/IEEE 802.11 wireless, mesh networking)
Network architectures
E-commerce applications
Printing devices
Mechanical devices
Control systems
Computer systems
Mechanical/electrical/software testing methods
Digital recording technologies

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