National Phase Entry in Sri Lanka

Patent fees

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Deadline for the PCT national phase entry in Sri Lanka

In Sri Lanka, the deadline for the PCT national phase entry is 30 months from the date of priority. The restoration of this term is impossible.

Minimum of filing documents in Sri Lanka

Set of claims and payment of filing fee.

Description of the patent

Assignment deed (if applicable)

Name and address of the applicant and the inventor

Language of the Sri Lankan patent application

In Sri Lanka, the language of patent application is English. The application may be filed in any other foreign languages however, the English translation should be submitted within 3 months from the filing date of the patent application.

Power of Attorney requirements

A signed and stamped POA must be provided within 3 months from enteringnational phase in Sri Lanka.

Assignment Deed

If the applicant of patent application is other than the inventor, an assignment deed signed and stamped by both parties must be provided within 3 months from the PCT national phase entry.

Search report

In Sri Lankan, an international search report issued by any International Searching Authority according to the PCT must be submitted. This search report shall be provided to the Patent Office within 3 months from issuance in english.

Grant and maintenance fees

In Sri Lanka, there is no official grant fee. The first annual fees will fall due within 2 years after the issuance of its certificate.All subsequent annual fees shall be paid annually. Late payment is possible within 6 months. Annual maintenance fees shall be paid in advance.

Grace period

In Sri Lanka, there is a 1 year novelty grace period for the disclosures made by the applicant or his predecessor in title. When the disclosure is made in abuse of the rights of the applicant a 6-month novelty grace period is applied .

Representation by a patent attorney

In Sri Lanka, for foreign applicants, it is necessary to perform PCT national phase entry through a registered patent attorney in Sri Lanka.

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