Patent Filing in Sweden

Patent fees

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The term for filing a patent application

The term for filing the patent application in Sweden claiming priority is 12 months from the priority date. The restoration of this term is impossible.

Minimum of filing documents

– payment of the official fee for filing.

– applicant’s and inventor’s details;

– description and claims of an invention in any language;

Language of the Swedish patent application

Swedish and English is the official language of registration. If the language of a patent filing is English, then the Swedish translation of claims is required at the grant stage of the patent.

Priority document

The certified copy of the priority document must be provided to the patent office within sixteen months from the date of priority or within four months from the date of filing of the new application, whichever is later. The translation into Swedish is not required.

Power of Attorney requirements

The legalization of a POA is not necessary. It may be needed later.

Substantive examination request

In Sweden, the substantive examination of patent applications is conducted automatically. No specific request is necessary.

Grace period

In Sweden, the patent legislation does not stipulate the novelty grace period.

Grant and patent maintenance

In Sweden, the term for payment of the official grant fee is 2 months from issuance of the Office Action response. The annuities are due from the third year from the filing date.

Representation by a patent attorney

In Sweden, Foreign persons that do not reside in Sweden should appoint an agent, a registered Swedish patent attorney, to perform the patent prosecution in Sweden.

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