Internet Tools for Intellectual Property Analysis




About the Course:

This webinar presents eye-opening dimensionality to intellectual property valuation and damages analysis. The expert speakers methodically explain how to use the nearly infinite data available on the Internet to determine the values of patents, trademarks, copyrights and brands. This data, often overlooked but available at our fingertips, can be harnessed to assess royalty rates, apportionment, and willfulness.

This unique and powerful webinar will help you learn how to use data from SEO searches, keywords, metadata, title tags, Google Ads, LinkedIn, Amazon and Facebook to handle valuation issues such as:

  • Whether confusion about different products, trademarks and brands exist in particular markets and within specific customer segments
  • Quantify impact of search phrases purchased by a company
  • What search terms are driving commence
  • The extent to which potential customers are searching for brands or patented features on particular websites
  • How much traffic is landing on a product’s webpage via organic search versus arriving on that page by following promotions and discounts
  • How to discern real website visitors from bots
  • How to assess the quality of the data generated by Internet traffic reports
  • Form an opinion about how Internet data meets the Georgia-Pacific factor relating to a products’ popularity
  • Quantify costs avoided when using IP to drive organic impressions and click-through rates
  • Identify demographic information about potential and actual customers
  • Ascertain if online infringement was intentional or serendipitous
  • Procuring the necessary data to perform web traffic and data analysis
  • How to communicate your findings to attorneys, judges and juries

Course LeadersBrian Buss and Doug Bania, Founding Principals, Nevium Intellectual Property Consultants

Nevium specializes in intellectual property valuations and expert testimony related to trademarks, copyrights, patents, brands, publicity rights and intangible assets. For IP litigators Nevium provides expert damages testimony that combines its knowledge of Internet and social media analytic tools with accepted methodologies and concise narratives.  For C-level Executives and In-House Counsel Nevium provides IP valuation and portfolio strategies with a focus on connecting IP to financial performance and using IP to increase profits.

Brian Buss and Doug Bania provide intellectual property solutions, including: valuation, profit apportionment, expert testimony, economic analysis, and transaction advisory services for businesses, IP owners, attorneys and licensees.

Course Length: Approx. 1.5 hours

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