Managing Intellectual Property During Mergers & Acquisitions



About the Course:

Many acquisitions are driven by the intellectual property owned by the target company. In other acquisitions, the intellectual property involved is an afterthought until it derails the transaction. This seminar focuses on all facets of managing intellectual property in the context of corporate acquisitions.

Among the issues discussed in this seminar are:

  • Early stage consideration of IP in M&A — target selection and deal pricing
  • Effect of IP issues on choice of deal structure
  • Conducting patent and trademark searches to identify potential problems
  • Assessing title to IP – assignments from inventors, consultants, research funded by universities and government sources
  • Review of pending IP litigation and asserted or anticipated third party IP infringement claims
  • Review of inbound licenses for restrictions on IP transfer and change of control provisions
  • Handicapping exposure to anti-trust challenges and remedial options
  • Interplay of reps and warranties, disclosure schedules and closing conditions
  • Defining materiality, knowledge, etc. in regard to IP risks
  • Risk mitigation via indemnity and escrow

Course Length: Approx. 3.5 hours

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