Negotiating IP Licensing Agreements in Germany




About the Course:

Did you know that patentees in Germany can arrange for middle-of-the-night raids to occur at the facilities operated by alleged infringers? Did you know that licensors in Germany can be liable for a licensee’s infringement if the licensor failed to inform the licensee how to avoid using the licensed technologies in an infringing manner? Did you know that there is extensive disclosure relating to the royalty rates that employers pay their inventor employees in Germany? If not, you should listen to this webinar.

This course provides a thorough overview of the legal framework in which IP licensing negotiations take place in Germany as well as a host of practical tactical issues.

The following are among the issues discussed:

  • Patent registration
  • A variety of rights and obligations relating to exclusive and non-exclusive licenses
  • Scope of licenses
  • Sublicensing
  • Covenants not to sue
  • How to protect and commercialize know-how
  • Best methods for negotiating indemnifications and warranties
  • Terminable offenses
  • Patent exhaustion
  • German Employers’ Invention Act
  • Joint ownership of contractual property rights
  • Intersection of competition law

Course Length: Approx. 1.5 hours

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