Valuation of Domain Names




The process of valuing domain names is fascinating. One can begin the valuation of domain names by reviewing key word search hits and costs per click. However, discounts and premiums to the baseline valuation are applied in view of factors ranging from longevity of the domain to the operating history of the related site; from the provenance of the domain to its extension; and, from the length of the domain to the presence of symbols or numbers in the domain name.

Further, this session provides an excellent opportunity to learn about the nuances of domain name brokerage. You will learn about the mechanics of buying and selling domain names through direct negotiated transactions as well as through auctions. You will glean insight into the role that escrow agents play in domain name brokerage. You will understand what a domain name broker will expect from domain name buyers and sellers in terms of exclusivity, length of representation, fees and reserve values.

The following are among the issues discussed during this webinar:

  • How should domain name transactions be coordinated with trademark clearance searches?
  • What is the importance of exact-match monthly search volume?
  • How does the click-through rate factor into domain name valuation?
  • How much of a discount do extensions warrant?
  • How does the number of words in a domain impact valuation?
  • Which geographical markets pay generous premiums for numbers in domain names?
  • Which geographic markets often pay generous premiums for domain names that have hyphens?
  • Does having a portfolio of similar domains typically yield a discount or a premium?
  • What is a tail and what is its significance?
  • How does the singular version of a domain name compare to the plural form in terms of valuation?
  • What are some of the restrictions on owning foreign domain extensions?
  • How (significantly) does the presence of symbols in a domain name impact value?
  • Where can one find comparable domain name sales transactions?
  • How does the anticipated cost of running a SEO campaign impact valuation?

Course Leader: Andrew Rosener, CEO, MediaOptions

Andrew is CEO of MediaOptions, an industry leading domain brokerage firm, as well as an active domain investor.

He has been buying domain names himself since 1998, but since founding the company in 2008 Andrew has leveraged his domain investment knowledge and sales expertise to grow Media Options into one of the top domain brokers for premium generic domain names.

A serial entrepreneur, Andrew also helped Media Options to develop some of their premium properties into stand-alone businesses which were later sold, such as

He has lead MediaOptions to build an enviable portfolio of premium domain names at a time when most believed it was too late; names such as,,,,,,, & thousands more like them.

Course Length: Approx. 1.5 hours

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