RapidFlight, Manassas-Based Drone Maker, Acquires Local Motors IP

July 12, 2023

RapidFlight, a drone manufacturer based in Manassas, has completed the acquisition of intellectual property (IP) assets from Local Motors. This strategic move strengthens RapidFlight’s position in the industry and expands its intellectual property portfolio to drive innovation and meet evolving market demands.


The acquisition of Local Motors’ IP by RapidFlight marks a significant milestone in the company’s growth trajectory. By integrating Local Motors’ intellectual property assets, RapidFlight gains access to valuable technologies, designs, and innovations that will enhance its product offerings and competitive advantage in the drone market.


RapidFlight’s acquisition of Local Motors’ IP is a testament to its commitment to innovation and the pursuit of excellence. The newly acquired intellectual property assets will empower RapidFlight to develop cutting-edge drones, improve existing models, and introduce innovative features to meet the evolving needs of customers.


With this strategic move, RapidFlight solidifies its position as a leading player in the drone industry. The expanded intellectual property portfolio will enable the company to differentiate itself in the market, drive technological advancements, and provide customers with innovative and reliable drone solutions.


The acquisition also highlights the strategic vision of RapidFlight’s leadership in identifying growth opportunities and capitalizing on the strengths of other industry players. By integrating Local Motors’ IP, RapidFlight can leverage synergies and harness the collective expertise of both companies to deliver groundbreaking drone technologies.


As RapidFlight continues to grow and innovate, customers can expect a broader range of advanced drone solutions that are backed by a robust intellectual property portfolio. The acquisition of Local Motors’ IP not only strengthens RapidFlight’s product offerings but also positions the company for sustained growth and success in the competitive drone market.

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