Semiconductor Design Enhanced: Cadence Acquires Rambus PHY IP

September 13, 2023

By strategically acquiring Rambus’ PHY IP assets, Cadence has not only fortified its already formidable position in the semiconductor industry but has also signaled its dedication to delivering cutting-edge solutions to its esteemed clientele around the world. This strategic move underscores Cadence’s vision of facilitating the development of the most advanced and efficient semiconductor designs, responding to the ever-growing demands of the technology-driven era.


The addition of Rambus’ PHY IP assets to Cadence’s existing repertoire of EDA software and services amplifies the company’s capabilities and widens its sphere of influence. This powerful integration is poised to benefit semiconductor companies worldwide by enabling them to expedite their product development cycles and address the burgeoning complexities of today’s technology landscape.


Rambus’ PHY IP assets have long been recognized for their exceptional quality, innovative features, and outstanding performance. These assets are widely deployed across high-speed interfaces, serving as vital connectivity solutions in an array of industries, including data centers, automotive, and consumer electronics. The inclusion of these assets significantly enhances Cadence’s portfolio of semiconductor design solutions, further strengthening the company’s commitment to providing clients with comprehensive and high-performance offerings.


As Cadence’s CEO aptly noted, “The completion of this acquisition represents an exciting chapter in our journey. It perfectly aligns with our strategic vision of empowering our customers with the best-in-class semiconductor design solutions. The integration of Rambus’ PHY IP assets will enhance our capability to deliver innovative, high-performance products that empower our customers to excel in their respective markets.”

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