Stratus® Medical Expands Patent Portfolio for Revolutionary NIMBUS® Electrosurgical Device

November 9, 2023
Stratus® Medical Expands IP Portfolio for NIMBUS® Device

The device’s multifaceted design features an array of tines that expand upon deployment, allowing for more precise tissue ablation and better electrode-tissue contact. This unique approach reduces the risk of incomplete ablation, minimizes damage to surrounding healthy tissue, and ultimately improves patient outcomes.


The newly acquired U.S. patent solidifies Stratus® Medical’s position as a pioneer in the field of electrosurgery. The patent grants the company exclusive rights to the innovative technology and design features of the NIMBUS® Electrosurgical RF Multitined Expandable Electrode within the United States. This patent will not only provide legal protection for the company’s intellectual property but also serves as a testament to the device’s originality and potential to significantly impact medical procedures.


Securing the two Canadian patents is a testament to Stratus® Medical’s commitment to expanding its presence in the global market. Canada represents a significant market for medical devices and innovation in the healthcare sector. The Canadian patents validate the uniqueness of the NIMBUS® Electrosurgical RF Multitined Expandable Electrode and offer protection for Stratus® Medical’s technology in this key market.


The continuous expansion of Stratus® Medical’s intellectual property portfolio underscores the company’s dedication to pushing the boundaries of medical technology. The NIMBUS® Electrosurgical RF Multitined Expandable Electrode represents a breakthrough in the field of electrosurgery, and the additional patents further validate its innovative design and functionality.


Stratus® Medical’s commitment to innovation and intellectual property protection extends beyond the U.S. and Canadian markets. With a global IP portfolio of 29 patents, the company is poised to make a lasting impact on the field of medical devices and advance the state of healthcare worldwide. These patents not only protect Stratus® Medical’s investments in research and development but also position the company as a leader in the healthcare industry.

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