Synopsys Pioneers Open Innovation with New RISC V Processor Family Expansion

November 8, 2023
Synopsys RISC-V processor expansion

Here’s a closer look at why this development is significant for the semiconductor industry and the company itself:


Diverse Processor Portfolio:

With this strategic expansion, Synopsys now boasts a processor portfolio that combines its proprietary ARC processors with RISC-V-based processors. This diversity provides semiconductor designers with a wide array of options, enabling them to choose processors that align precisely with their application and performance requirements.


Embracing Open Standards:

The adoption of RISC-V processors signals Synopsys’ alignment with a growing industry trend – the embrace of open standards. RISC-V, as an open-source ISA, has been gaining momentum in the semiconductor world due to its flexibility, cost-effectiveness, and potential for customization.


Customization and Innovation:

RISC-V processors are renowned for their high degree of customization. Semiconductor designers can tailor these processors to suit their specific requirements, fostering innovation and facilitating the development of specialized processors for a range of applications.


Enhanced Developer Ecosystem:

RISC-V’s open nature has led to the emergence of a robust and collaborative ecosystem. Synopsys’ decision to integrate RISC-V processors into its portfolio further enriches this ecosystem. Customers now have access to an expanded set of tools, software, and support.


Addressing Emerging Applications:

The semiconductor industry is evolving rapidly, driven by the proliferation of emerging applications such as the Internet of Things (IoT), artificial intelligence (AI), and edge computing. Synopsys’ expanded processor portfolio, which includes RISC-V options, is well-positioned to meet the demands of these growing market segments.



RISC-V’s open-source nature can result in significant cost savings in licensing and royalty fees. This makes it an appealing choice for semiconductor companies looking to reduce the overall cost of their designs.


Competitive Advantage:

The ability to offer a wide range of processor options, including RISC-V, gives Synopsys a competitive edge in the semiconductor IP market. It allows the company to cater to a broad customer base and respond to diverse design needs effectively.

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