The evolution in IP Industry in The Post-Covid Era

September 2, 2021

When we talk about time today, it is divided into three time periods, to be precise. The first is the pre-covid era, then comes the Covid era, and after that, it is the post-Covid era. The whole world has changed based on these different timelines. The way people think about a problem or an opportunity has become very different from what it used to be just a few years back from now. Intellectual Properties have played a very crucial role in all three timelines behind the scenes. Although people have not noticed its impact that much, you realize its impact when you think about it. 

The Covid era is not over yet, and there are no signs of it in the near future, but now people know how to live with it. Since Covid is not an entirely new thing now and there is no panic in people as before, we can consider it the post-covid era as people all around the globe are already familiar with it. The Intellectual Property industry did not wholly stop in any of the timelines, but the speed has not been the same for sure. Still, we have seen a lot of changes in the IP industry globally in the post-Covid era. 

Changes in the patent filing process and its impact

The first change that is visible to anyone related to the IP industry or knows about it is the changes in the patent filing process. Before, the Covid-era patent filing was primarily done by visiting the respective patent offices on the required dates to submit the application or other supporting documents. There might be exceptions, but since we are talking about the process globally, it was most similar to this around the world. 

Anyone who has ever filed for a patent application or an IP docketing expert already understands how painful that could be at times. Since docketing professionals were familiar with the process and had connections in the respective patent offices, it was not that big of a pain. The biggest issue was with the people who did not have much experience in the industry. It used to work like a barrier for many individual applicants, ultimately affecting the number of applications. The previous process had one more flaw: a lack of transparency that created a reason for hesitation for new entrants.  

One of the biggest global IP forums, the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO), has suspended any form of paper documents transmittal for the Patent Cooperation Treaty (PCT). They have decided to process the documents over email only until they share their further notice. Canadian Intellectual Property Office (CIPO) is open for people who want to visit their office, but they are also promoting applicants to file their patents online. 

The IP world has not gone entirely online yet, but we might see that happening in the coming future. The pandemic has presented a new point of view to people, which is here to stay even after the pandemic. The most significant advantage of online applications is the level of transparency you get there. It inspires more people to file patents or trademarks, as they know they will not have to go through various tables to get things done. All information and guidelines are available on the websites of the respective IP bodies. 

Many online IP docketing firms like Menteso IP, Inc. offer all the IP-related services online these days. Everything is available online, whether you need help with research, analysis, patent monetization, patent licensing, IP filing, or IP docketing. You do not even need to step out of your home, and you can get everything done from the professional experts in the industry who know the process as well as the right people involved in the process to get your work done. 

New Opportunities in The Industry

The pandemic slowed down global innovation for sure, but it has also brought several new opportunities for people who know how to grab them. This pandemic sent a clear message to the world that in the era when the globe is so closely connected, it is not an easy task to contain a pandemic to a specific part of the world. If something comes up to one small part of the planet, the chances are that it will spread out to the whole world at some point or other.  

The world has understood the fact very well, and that is why we have started preparing for another such event in advance. The preparation for a new pandemic has opened the door for various new opportunities for the Intellectual Property world. When you invent or discover something that prevents the world in the situation of a pandemic, you are also serving humanity with it. 

The opportunities are not limited to the medical equipment or health departments only. There are various new opportunities for the online world. The world is rapidly moving online for all their needs which gives birth to endless possibilities for innovation. You only need to keep your eyes open and think about innovative ways to make life easier for people. Now you have access to all the systems right at your fingertips, and there can not be a better time to invest your time in Intellectual Properties. 

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