Trademark Filing in Poland

Trademark fees

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Multiple-class applications

In Poland, multiple-class trademark applications are possible.

Minimum requirements for filing TM application

In Poland, a trademark application must consist of:

– representations of the trademark application

– an indication of goods or services where the trademark will be used.

– request to register a trademark.

– filing fee.

Requirements for the Power of Attorney

In Poland, official legalization is not necessary. The POA may be submitted within 30 days from filing a trademark application. When an applicant is a legal person, it is important to provide the Polish Patent Office with the excerpt from the Commercial Registry.

Priority document

In Poland, the priority document must be provided within 90 days from filing a trademark application. When the priority document is not in German, Russian, English, or French, a certified translation must accompany the document.

Opposition period

In Poland, the term for filing an opposition against the Polish trademark is 90 days from its publication.

Provisional Refusal

 In Poland, applicants are given the time limit of 5 months from the date the applicant receives the refusal for filing a response to the provisional refusal of an international registration in Poland. It is possible to request an extension of this time. The language of the response is Polish.

Grant, validity term and trademark renewal

In Poland, the term for payment of the official grant fee for trademark certificate is 90 days after the decision on the granting of the right of protection was dispatched. The validity of a trademark right in Poland is 10 years from the date of filing of the application. Polish trademark may be renewed for 10 years to an unlimited number of times. Renewal fees must be paid within 365 days before its expiration. The renewal is possible within 6 months after the renewal due date by paying the extra fee.

Use requirement

In Poland, the validity of a trademark may be revoked if it has not been used within 5 years from trademark registration.

  • Representation by a trademark attorney

Representation by a trademark attorney

In Poland, foreigners residing outside Poland must perform the trademark prosecution through an agent, a registered Polish trademark attorney.

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