Xiphera Raises the Bar in Cryptography with Latest CAVP Validated IP Cores Unveiling

November 16, 2023
Xiphera CAVP validated IP cores

Symmetric ciphers form a crucial component of Xiphera’s validated IP cores, providing robust encryption and decryption capabilities. These algorithms play a pivotal role in securing data in transit and at rest, making them essential for applications ranging from secure communication protocols to data storage systems. With CAVP validation, Xiphera’s symmetric cipher IP cores offer a level of assurance that meets the stringent requirements of industries where data security is paramount.


In addition to symmetric ciphers, Xiphera’s validated IP cores include hash functions, contributing to the integrity and authentication of data. Hash functions play a vital role in digital signatures, data verification, and other security protocols. The CAVP validation ensures that Xiphera’s hash function IP cores adhere to recognized standards, providing a reliable foundation for secure communication and data integrity.


Asymmetric algorithms, another key component of Xiphera’s validated IP cores, enable secure key exchange and digital signatures. The CAVP validation process ensures that these algorithms meet the rigorous criteria for correctness and security, instilling confidence in their use for critical applications such as secure communications, e-commerce, and digital identity verification.


Xiphera’s commitment to obtaining CAVP validation for its IP cores reflects a dedication to transparency and adherence to industry standards. The validation process involves a battery of tests and assessments, including algorithm conformance testing, known-answer testing, and key agility testing, ensuring that the cryptographic solutions meet the specified requirements for robustness and correctness.


The announcement of this new batch of CAVP validated IP cores is likely to resonate positively with industries where data security is a primary concern. Sectors such as finance, healthcare, and government, where sensitive information must be safeguarded, stand to benefit from Xiphera’s validated cryptographic solutions. The validation provides a third-party attestation of the security and reliability of Xiphera’s IP cores, reinforcing trust among potential users and customers.

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