Charles River Associate Hires a Team from Kroll to Expand IP Practice

May 14, 2024
Charles River Associates (CRA) IP practice

In a significant development in the realm of intellectual property (IP) consulting, Charles River Associates (CRA) has bolstered its IP practice through the acquisition of a seasoned team from Kroll. This strategic move underscores CRA’s commitment to enhancing its IP consulting services and expanding its footprint in the competitive IP advisory market.


 Enhancing IP Consulting Services

The acquisition of the IP team from Kroll represents a strategic decision by Charles River Associates to augment its IP consulting capabilities. With intellectual property playing an increasingly critical role in various industries, including technology, pharmaceuticals, and biotechnology, the demand for specialized IP expertise continues to grow. By integrating the expertise of the acquired team, CRA aims to meet this demand and provide clients with comprehensive IP solutions tailored to their specific needs.


Acquisition Details: Strengthening Talent Pool

The acquisition brings onboard a team of seasoned IP professionals with extensive experience in various facets of IP consulting, including patent litigation, intellectual property valuation, and technology licensing. These experts bring with them a wealth of industry knowledge and a proven track record of delivering high-quality IP services to clients across diverse sectors. By adding this talent to its roster, CRA strengthens its position as a leading provider of IP consulting services and enhances its ability to deliver innovative solutions to clients worldwide.


Strategic Expansion: Seizing Market Opportunities

The acquisition aligns with CRA’s broader strategy of expanding its presence in key markets and seizing growth opportunities in the IP advisory space. With the addition of the IP team from Kroll, CRA enhances its capabilities to serve clients across a wide range of industries, including technology, life sciences, and consumer products. This strategic expansion allows CRA to tap into new markets, strengthen existing client relationships, and position itself as a trusted advisor in the field of intellectual property.


 Comprehensive IP Solutions

Clients stand to benefit from the combined expertise of Charles River Associates and the newly acquired IP team from Kroll. By leveraging the collective knowledge and experience of both teams, CRA is better equipped to provide clients with comprehensive IP solutions that address their most pressing challenges. Whether navigating complex patent disputes, conducting intellectual property valuations, or developing licensing strategies, clients can rely on CRA for expert guidance and tailored solutions that drive value and mitigate risk.

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