Criminal IP and Quad9 Form Partnership to Fight Cyberthreats

May 14, 2024
Criminal IP - Quad9 Partnership

In a proactive move to tackle the growing menace of cyber threats, Criminal IP and Quad9 have announced a strategic collaboration. This partnership intends to fortify cybersecurity measures by facilitating the exchange of crucial domain and IP threat intelligence.


Bolstering Cyber Defense:

With cyberattacks on the rise, the collaboration between Criminal IP and Quad9 assumes paramount importance. Criminal IP brings its specialized knowledge in identifying and thwarting online criminal activities, while Quad9 contributes its expertise as a trusted provider of secure DNS services. Together, they aspire to create a more resilient defense against cyber threats.


Fostering Cyber Resilience:

By synergizing their resources and insights, Criminal IP and Quad9 seek to elevate cyber resilience levels. The sharing of domain and IP threat intelligence enables a proactive stance in identifying potential risks. This collaborative approach empowers both entities to counter cyber threats swiftly and effectively.


Facilitating Information Exchange:

Central to this collaboration is the seamless exchange of critical information. Criminal IP and Quad9 will share data gleaned from their extensive monitoring systems, including details on malicious domains and suspicious IP addresses. Real-time information sharing enhances detection capabilities, bolstering cyber defenses.


Advancing Cyber Defense Strategies:

The partnership underscores the significance of proactive information sharing in combating cyber threats. By staying abreast of emerging threats and adapting defense strategies accordingly, Criminal IP and Quad9 aim to mitigate the impact of cyberattacks and safeguard sensitive data.

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