IIPLA provides various discount options. The pricing to be applied strictly as per the discount policy. The policy applies to all prices listed on IIPLA website. The policy has to come into effect on July 1, 2018.

Regular Rates
Register in Regular rates and avoid Onsite charges. Generally ends 3 weeks before the start date.
Guest Registration
Look for Guest Registrations and bring team members. This can maximize your ROI and lower the cost of registration up to 50%.
In-House Counsels discount (Max 40%)
40% in-house speakers from Fortune 500 corporations are provided complimentary registration and rest of the speakers need to register at the prevailing rates.
Volunteering Discount
Discounts are offered to attendees who are volunteering at IIPLA event. You can find the volunteering options HERE. These discounts are subject to availability.
NO OTHER DISCOUNTThere will be STRICTLY NO OTHER DISCOUNT except the prevailing discounted rates. Every member need to register as per the current rates.Super Early Bird
Register in Super Early Bird rates to save maximum. Generally ends 6 months before the start date.Early Bird
Register in Early Bird rates. Generally ends 4 months before the start date.