Filing Industrial Design Application in Azerbaijan

Industrial Design Application Fees

Fees associated with filing industrial design applications in Azerbaijan, as well as other design charges, are available in the fee calculator.

The Term for filing an Azerbaijani industrial design application

The term for filing industrial design applications claiming priority in Azerbaijan is six months from the priority date. The term can be extended for 2 months if the applicant fails to file the industrial design application despite due care.

Multiple industrial design applications

Multiple design applications are possible in Azerbaijan.

Minimum filing requirements for an industrial design application in Azerbaijan

For the obtainment of a filing date, it is necessary to provide the Azerbaijani Patent Office with the filing request, drawings, and the description in any language (the translation thereof must be provided within two months from the filing date).

Power of Attorney requirements in Azerbaijan

A signed and stamped Power of Attorney should be provided within two months from the date of filing in Azerbaijan. A Power of Attorney should be stamped regardless of whether the applicant is a natural or legal person. In case of the absence of the stamp legalization or notarization is required.

Priority document

Priority documents should be provided within 3 months from filing the industrial design application.

Analysis of an industrial design application in Azerbaijan

The Patent Office conducts optional substantive examination at the applicant’s, or any interested party’s request submitted within 18 months from the filing date of an application, alternatively, a patent will be issued at the applicant’s responsibility.

Novelty grace period of industrial design application

If the information on the invention is disclosed by the applicant, designer, and a third party that directly or indirectly obtained said information from them, within 6 months before the date of filing, such disclosure does not disprove the novelty of an invention.

Validity term for a design patent in Azerbaijan

The duration of design patent validity in Azerbaijan is ten years from the date of filing and may be renewed for five additional years.

Grant and maintenance fees for design application

Official grant fee, as well as first post-grant annuities, should be paid within two months from the expiry of the term to file oppositions against published applications. The term for filing oppositions is six months from publication of the application.

Representation by an Azerbaijani patent attorney

For foreigners, it is necessary to perform an industrial design prosecution in Azerbaijan through an agent, registered Azerbaijani patent attorney.

What can be registered as an industrial design in Azerbaijan

The artistic or constructive solution that defines the appearance of the product can be registered as an industrial design in Azerbaijan. Registration is granted for new and original designs.

What cannot be registered as an industrial design

Non-registrable objects are the following:

  • solutions determined only by the technical function of the product;
  • architectural concepts (except small scale architectural forms);
  • industrial, hydrotechnic, and other stationary facilities;
  • printed products;
  • objects of unstable form from liquid, gaseous, powdery, or similar substances.


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