General Motors Files Patent for a Blockchain-Based Navigation Map

April 23, 2020

General Motors Files Patent for a Blockchain-Based Navigation Map 

General Motors patent uses blockchain to improve route maps, possibly for semi-self-governing driving frameworks.

A significant vehicle producer, General Motors, or GM, has recorded a patent application for a ceaselessly refreshing route map framework. In addition, the framework would utilize the blockchain to coordinate information from vehicle sensors and construct a dependable guide for efficient vehicles.

As per the recording, which submits on October 1, 2018, and distributed on April 2, 2020. Also, there were existing maps are “hard to keep dynamic without causing enormous costs. One potential explanation behind this is most plans are kept up through particular vehicles. Whose arrive voluntarily mostly restricted to only a couple of specific segments of the world.

Also, General Motors’ answer is to circulate the procedure to numerous vehicles, which would gather information about their environmental factors through sensors as they necessarily drive around. The ongoing information would contrast and a disparity identifier, which dissects the current maps.

Any distinction transmitted to a blockchain organization that holds all the guide information. The “up-and-comer exchange” is then approve if different vehicles report a comparable change. Though, The patent recommends that the system would be kept up by cars and mining hubs situated in server farms.

The framework

Created for GM’s “Super Cruise” includes, which gives a semi-mechanized driving experience on some extravagance models. In contrast to contenders from Tesla, the framework depends vigorously on route maps, which is the reason it must utilize on “upheld” streets.

Disseminating the guide age procedure would almost certainly accelerate the maker’s endeavors to cover most of the streets in the U.S.

The patent uncovers that one of the advantages of the framework is conveying the guide age process and permitting various merchants to add to a solitary guide. It is likely the motivation behind why it actualizes blockchain.

The car industry and blockchain 

As recently detailed by Cointelegraph, General Motors is one of the more productive vehicle makers in the blockchain division. In October 2019, it was one of the five-vehicle producers testing a blockchain-based installment and ID framework for vehicles.

Its money arm put into a blockchain startup in June, with an end goal to check car financing misrepresentation.

The producer additionally licensed another blockchain-based correspondence framework in December 2018, which would enable various elements to speak with self-ruling vehicles.

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