National Phase Entry in Thailand

Patent fees

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Deadline for the PCT national phase entry in Thailand

In Thailand, the deadline for entering national phase entry is 30 months from the date of priority. The restoration of this term is possible.

Minimum of filing documents in Thailand

-the details about the applicant and inventor.

-the title

-claims and abstract in Thai 

Language of the Thai patent application

Thai is the official language of the patent registration in Thailand. At the time of the PCT national phase entry, Thai translation of the title, claims, and abstract, together with its English translation of the specification shall be provided to the patent office.

Power of Attorney requirements

The term to submit POA is 90 days from the date of entering the Thai PCT national phase. It should be notarized; however, the legalization is not necessary.

Additional documents

When the applicant of the international application differs from the applicant of the Thai patent application, then the Deed of Assignment is required.

Substantive examination request

In Thailand, the substantive examination should be requested and paid within 5 years from its publication. There are no provisions of the examination acceleration. Nevertheless, the submission of the granted patent in any examining country may accelerate the examination process. 

Grace period

In Thailand, there is a grace period of 12 months before the date of filing for details of the invention due to or disclosure of the subject matter or in consequence of any unlawful act, including a display of the inventor’s work on an international exhibition or an official public event.

Grant and patent maintenance fees

In Thailand, official fees for granting should be paid within 60 days from the date when Notice of Allowance was received. The annuity must be paid after the patent is granted in Thailand. The first annuity should be paid within 60 days from the grant of a patent in Thailand.

Representation by a patent agent

In Thailand, for foreigners, it is required to appoint a certified patent agent for entering the PCT national stage.

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