PCT National Phase Entry in Belarus

Patent fees for Belarusian PCT National Phase Entry

Fees associated with Belarusian PCT National Phase Entry as well as other patent fees are available in the fee calculator.

The time limit for the PCT National stage entry in Belarus

The term for entry into the Belarusian national phase of a PCT application is 31 months from the priority date. This term may be restored within 12 months from its expiration if failure to meet the deadline was unintentional.

Minimum patent filing requirements in Belarus

The patent application based on PCT in Belarus may be prosecuted in the Belarusian or Russian language. The international application may be filed with the Belarusian Patent Office in the initial language; however, the translation thereof must be provided within two months from the date of entering the national phase in Belarus.

To obtain the filing date, it is necessary to provide the Patent Office with:

– a request to grant a patent;

– applicant’s and author’s data;

– international application materials.

The original Power of Attorney must be submitted to the Belarusian Patent Office within 2 months from the PCT National Phase Entry. Legalization or notarisation of the POA is not required.

Analysis of a patent application in Belarus

Formal and substantive examinations are conducted in respect of patent applications in Belarus. A request to conduct a substantive examination must be filed within three years from the International filing date. The restoration of this term is not stipulated.

Novelty grace period for application

Disclosure of the information about the invention shall not disprove its novelty if it was made by the inventor or the applicant or a third party that obtained said information directly or indirectly from them and if said disclosure occurred within 12 months before filing the patent application with the Belarus Patent Office.

Grant, validity term, and patent maintenance fees in Belarus

The official fee for the grant of a patent should be paid within three months from the date of receipt of the decision to grant a patent. The first post-grant annuities starting from the 3rd year until the year when the grant decision is issued must be paid within this term as well. All next annuities are paid before the beginning of the next year of validity. Late payment of annuities is possible within a six-month grace period with a 50% surcharge. The maximum validity period constitutes 20 years from the filing date.

Duration of the Belarusian patent application registration procedure

If the prosecution process goes smoothly, it takes approximately 3 years to obtain a patent in Belarus.

Utility Model in Belarus 

It is possible to enter the national phase of Belarus of a PCT application as a utility model. The validity term of a utility model is 5 years from the filing date and may be extended for 5 additional years. The average time from filing up to grant of a utility model patent in Belarus is 1-2 years. Utility models should be new and industrially applicable.

Representation by a patent attorney

Foreigners must perform a patent prosecution in Belarus through an agent, a registered Belarusian patent attorney.


1. Online Search Databases: Belarusian Patents, Belarusian Utility Models, Eurasian Patents (EAPO).

2. Patent protection in Belarus may also be obtained via Eurasian Patent.

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